Black and White goooooodness

It’s no secret – i’m a huge fan of traditional B&W photography. In fact, I regularly shoot with my 4×5 and 8×10 cameras and make twice weekly trips to Featherstone to process the film and make prints.  I teach darkroom photography as well.  As long as there’s film still being made for these cameras I’ll happily shoot it. (I may roll up to your wedding with some funky cameras – yes that’s me under the hood).  Digital’s come a long way in terms of quality and clarity and I wanted to share some cool (GORGEOUS) images from a recent wedding that i’m pretty thrilled with..  Hope you are too.. Drop me a line and let me know why you love B&W images.

MargolisFinal-0026 MargolisFinal-0033 MargolisFinal-0038 MargolisFinal-0051 MargolisFinal-0059 MargolisFinal-0085 MargolisFinal-0295 MargolisFinal-0300

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